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Herbal Blend Triple Pack - Caffeine Free

Avoiding caffeine, or just looking to relax? Create your own triple pack by selecting three blends from the caffeine free options above.

Lemon Ginger - Light and zesty lemon and lemongrass wrap around lively ginger to create this well known classic herbal blend. 17 Tea Bags.

Strawberry Rooibos - This sumptuous blend of velvety rooibos pairs delicate notes of vanilla and honey with the decadent taste of strawberry. 17 Tea Bags.

Sweet Rooibos A smooth and creamy blend of velvety rooibos delivering caramel-like notes. A dash of cinnamon adds to the sweetness to help you indulge your sweet tooth. Naturally caffeine free which makes it perfect for any time of day. 17 Tea Bags.

Minty Chocolate - A timeless pairing of mint and chocolate in a mellow Rooibos base. Smooth cocoa nibs and cocoa shells with sweet spearmint create this sumptuous velvety blend. A sweet and wonderfully refreshing after dinner treat, without the caffeine. 17 Tea Bags.

Good Night - Crafted to help you unwind and leave your worries behind. A delicate floral sensation combines soothing notes of camomile, rose and lavender. 17 Tea bags. 

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