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Today life runs at a faster pace than ever and finding those moments to just be quiet is getting harder and harder.

Take some time out to de-stress and detoxify by enjoying a moment of calm with our ceremonial grade Matcha green tea.

Transform a ten-minute break into a little haven of tranquility with just a few steps.

Interested? Follow these simple steps to a restful ritual that will calm you and recharge your batteries at the same time.

Start with heating enough water for one bowl of tea. You can use any small bowl but a pretty, oriental matcha bowl will add to the pleasure which is as much about the visual aspect as the taste. Remember, we are being mindful here, so attention to detail adds to the intensity of the experience.

While the water is heating, assemble your other materials, a bamboo Matcha whisk, a strainer, a Matcha scoop and a little tap water in a cup.

Decide where you are going to enjoy your Matcha and take all your materials there and settle in while concentrating on the moment. Don’t let your mind wander off; just savour the instant and take each step in turn.

Place your strainer over the bowl and sift half teaspoon of Matcha powder into your bowl. Add a little cold water to the sifted Matcha.

When the water is just coming up to the boil, pour just a little hot water into your Matcha bowl and taking your whisk, mix the ingredients together rapidly. Move the whisk from side to side to get the best results without splashing your tea. Slowly pour more hot water, depending on how much tea your desire, then whisk a little more, enjoying the experience and feeling the calmness.

Be present in the moment. Watch your water and tea combine and the colour develop. Breathe in the green perfume that rises from your bowl. When you have finished mixing, close your eyes for an instant to maximise the calming effect of the moment.

Now your tea is ready. Pause for a few minutes. You could take a few long calming breaths to clear the mind.

Bring the bowl slowly to your lips and let the tea’s scent start to make your taste buds tingle. Don’t rush. Now you can enjoy your Matcha as you like before returning renewed to your day.

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