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What is Matcha
Matcha is green tea, ground into powdered form, from high grade green tea leaves.

For centuries Matcha has been used by Buddhist Monks for acquiring a calm alertness needed during long hours of meditation. The Japanese Tea Ceremony or “Way of Tea”, is centered around the preparation and drinking of Matcha.

Made in Japan
TeaTerrifics Ceremonial Grade Matcha is 100% authentic Japanese Matcha. The green tea is grown and harvested by farmers located in the rolling hills of Uji, Kyoto. Kyoto is the birthplace of green tea and is synonymous with high quality tea.

New technologies and traditional farming methods are used by our farmers to produce the freshest and highest quality Matcha. They take every care in growing, harvesting, processing, and packaging TeaTerrifics Ceremonial Grade Matcha.

True Matcha is ground from shade grown green tea leaves, called Tencha. Weeks before harvest, the tea bushes are covered from direct sunlight. This process increases the chlorophyll and amino acid (L’Theanine) content of the leaves.

Within 24 hours of harvesting, the leaves are steamed to prevent fermentation and to preserve the flavour and nutritional content. The leaves are then dried to remove any moisture, after which they are carefully stored in temperature controlled facilities. These leaves are ground into a fine powder with stone mills just before air shipment to us.

Our Matcha is packaged and sealed in pull-top cans, to retain its freshness and goodness, and to prevent oxidation which degrades the quality of Matcha. 

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