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Spice up your Matcha with these terrific recipes! Jam-packed with anti-oxidants, matcha has been recognised as a superfood by the Japanese for centur

It is only in recent years, however, that this delicious powdered tea has popped up on the radar in the UK, but it has quickly become all the rage with foodies who recognised its endless culinary possibilities. Here are just three:

1. Lattes

Most people have probably heard of a matcha latte by now, but what is the secret to making this delicious beverage?

It actually couldn't be easier. Mix one teaspoon of matcha - we recommend our TeaTerrifics Supreme Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea Powder - with a little hot water, whisk into a paste. Add sweetener to taste and whisk some more. Add matcha paste to a tall glass. Add ice to the glass, stir in one cup of milk (almond, coconut, soy or dairy) and enjoy!

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2. Smoothies

Smoothies are an excellent meal replacement for those who find themselves time-poor and eating on the go. Adding matcha to your breakfast smoothie does wonders, ringing some zen to the morning rush while encouraging detoxification following sleep.

Choose a non-dairy base such as almond, soya or oat milk and add in any fresh fruit and vegetables you like. Banana is a great choice as it adds bulk to the smoothie, while also packing in a substantial range of vital nutrients including potassium and vitamin B6. Spinach is also a good addition boasting plenty of iron, magnesium and calcium.

Simply blend it all together with some ice and you're ready to go.

3. Dessert

If you're looking for a treat, and, let's face it, you deserve it, then a matcha chia pudding is a guilt-free way to go. Chia seeds are loaded with calcium and omega 3 fatty acids, but also create a curious reaction with liquid, forming a jelly-like texture.

To make a delicious pudding, mix one part seeds to four parts coconut milk and a spoonful of matcha powder. Allow to set in the fridge overnight, ready to enjoy the next day. Feel free to be creative and experiment with different flavours and toppings, including honey, cacao and goji berries.