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Rooibos, pronounced “ROY-boss” is so easy to love.

Unlike green tea and black tea which come from the camellia sinensis plant, Rooibos is made using the leaves of the Aspalathus Linearis shrub grown in South Africa. Also known as redbush tea or red tea, it’s actually a herb.

The history of Rooibos go back many centuries where it was used as a medicinal herb by South Africa’s first-nation people, the San people. Many centuries later, and still a staple in South Africa, Rooibos has travelled the world and can now be found in supermarkets and homes globally.

Rooibos is caffeine free with a whole lot of goodness. It contains anti-oxidants (aspalathin and quercetin), as well as vital minerals including magnesium, calcium, zinc and vitamin C. We call aspalathin the stress and hunger buster because it's known to help reduce stress hormones in the body that can lead to an increased appetite.

When brewed it is sweet and nutty and is known as an incredibly healthy drink which makes a wonderful alternative to coffee.

Delicious as a hot drink or iced tea for the hotter days! See the brewing instructions here for a hot brew, and iced.

We have 3 delicious specialty Rooibos blends. Our ethically sourced teas come in plastic-free biodegradable tea bags. The tea bags are packed in a clear compostable inner bag and then into a tea carton made from sustainable sources.

Strawberry Rooibos – This sumptuous blend of velvety rooibos pairs delicate notes of vanilla and honey with the decadent taste of strawberry.

Sweet Rooibos - A smooth and creamy blend of velvety rooibos delivering caramel-like notes. A dash of cinnamon adds to the sweetness to help you indulge your sweet tooth.

Minty Chocolate - A timeless pairing of mint and chocolate captures the very essence of that pairing. Rich and smooth Cocoa nibs and shells with sweet spearmint create this sumptuous velvety blend. Perfect any time of day but especially brilliant as after dinner dessert.

This caffeine free, healthy alternative can be enjoyed any where and any time.